In the development of Technology & Scale up, the Pilot Plants play very important role. A typical Pilot Plant consists of High Pressure Reactor, Charging Vessel, Condenser, Filter, Pumps & suitable Piping System. We have designed & supplied Skid Mounted Pilot Plant Systems to various Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical & Agro Chemical Units. We have manufactured these Pilot Plants in Hastelloy C-276 and C-22, Inconel 600, Incoloy 800H/HT, Incoloy 825, Nickel 200/201, Monel 400, SS316L&SS304L

More Details

The journey from groundbreaking discovery to full-scale chemical production requires a crucial step: pilot plant development. This company recognizes the critical role pilot plants play in technology development and scale-up, offering a comprehensive solution to streamline your process.
Pilot plants act as a bridge between successful lab-scale experiments and large-scale commercial production. We allow you to:
  • Test and refine chemical processes on a larger scale than the lab, providing valuable data for optimization.
  • Identify and address potential challenges before scaling up to full production, saving time and resources.
  • Generate sufficient quantities of material for further testing and evaluation, such as pilot production runs or market trials.

Material Options

This company provides everything you need for a successful pilot plant:
  • Skid-Mounted Design: Our pilot plants are pre-assembled and modular, offering a compact and transportable solution. This simplifies installation, commissioning, and relocation within your facility.

  • Essential Equipment: Each pilot plant incorporates vital components for efficient chemical processing, including:

    • High-Pressure Reactors: Designed to handle your specific reaction conditions.

    • Charging Vessels: Allow for safe and controlled introduction of raw materials.

    • Condensers: Efficiently recover valuable solvents or byproducts.

    • Filters: Separate solids from liquids for further processing or purification.

    • Pumps: Ensure proper flow of materials throughout the system.

    • Suitable Piping System: Interconnects all equipment for seamless operation.

  • Material Expertise: We understand the demands of diverse chemical processes and offer a variety of high-quality materials for pilot plant construction, including:

    • Nickel Alloys:​

      • Inconel 600: Ideal for high-temperature applications.

      • Incoloy 800H/HT and 825: Superior performance under high temperatures, carburization, and creep.

    • Hastelloy C-276 and C-22: Exceptional resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals.

    • Nickel and Nickel Alloys:

      • Nickel 200/201: Offers good ductility and formability for intricate designs.

        • Monel 400: Resists various acids and alkalis.

    • Stainless Steels:

      • SS316L & SS304L: Cost-effective options for less demanding processes.

By partnering with this company, you gain a reliable and experienced provider for all your pilot plant needs. Our skid-mounted solutions, comprehensive equipment packages, and material expertise ensure a smooth and efficient development and scale-up process for your innovative chemical technologies.


Overcoming Size Challenges

Their reactors and autoclaves can handle a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions:

  • Pressure: From a full vacuum to a high pressure of 100 bar (kg/cm²).

  • Temperature: From cryogenic applications (extremely low temperatures) to 250°C.

Agitator Systems

They understand that proper mixing is crucial for many chemical reactions. They offer a variety of agitator systems to ensure optimal mixing within the reactor, including:

  • Different agitator designs to suit your specific process needs.

  • All types of sealing options: mechanical seals, gland packing, and top entry magnetic drives.

Additional Features

The company also manufactures jacketed and limped reactors. These designs allow for the circulation of a heating or cooling fluid through the reactor walls to precisely control the reaction temperature. Their jacketed reactors can withstand a maximum utility pressure of 25 bar (kg/cm²).

In summary, this company provides a one-stop shop for all your reactor and autoclave needs. With their extensive range of sizes, materials, process capabilities, agitator systems, and additional features, they can provide a customized solution for your specific chemical processing application.